Positive response from our regenerative medicine injections!

Take a look at the results of one of our recent patients - Lew LeBlanc. One week earlier, Lew was not able to raise his arms above his shoulders. Then 7 days after having stem cells for his shoulders, he easily raised this rock above his head. 

After that, Lew received stem cell injections into his wrists and hands. He was having more and more difficulty using his hands to open jars and work on projects that required fine movement with his hands and fingers Just 24 hours after receiving the stem cell injections in his wrists and fingers, Lew was back at it!

If you are interested in learning more about regenerative medicine injections, we encourage you to attend one of Dr. Gallagher's educational regenerative medicine seminars!

Dr. Timothy Gallagher Dr. Gallagher is the founder and CEO of GCMW which manages Maragal Medical, the first truly integrated medical clinic in New England. He is the first chiropractor in New England to successfully partner with a medical doctor to provide their patients with the most comprehensive care possible for treating and managing arthritic conditions utilizing the most recent treatment protocols for regenerative medicine.

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