Ultrasound-Guided Injections

Many treatments rely on injections for delivery, including regenerative medicine. At Maragal Medical, we use ultrasound guidance to deliver the best possible results for our joint injections. Guided injections ensure we hit our target using high-frequency sound waves.

You are probably familiar with ultrasound and its use in evaluating how a pregnancy is progressing, but it’s also a game changer in many other parts of the medical field, including guided injections. This non-invasive technique captures live images of the internal body structure and acts as a guide for delivering joint injections at the exact desired placement.

Benefits of Ultrasound-guided Injections

Studies have shown that providers who perform their injunctions blind can miss their target up to 50% of the time. At Maragal Medical, we don’t take chances. Ultrasound-guided injections deliver many benefits, including:

  • Ensuring accurate delivery: Even a miss of just a few millimeters can alter the level of success of your procedure. Especially when you consider the complex structure of joints. Ultrasound-guided injections help us find the ideal spot so you get maximum effectiveness.
  • Enhancing safety: Ultrasound technology is non-invasive and safe. It gives the provider an extra layer of vision, allowing them to see in real-time exactly where the needle is going.
  • Reducing pain and complications: Ultrasound-guided injections have been extensively studied and have been found to have very few complications.

What to Expect During the Ultrasound-guided Procedure

If you’ve never had an injection before, it’s helpful to know what to expect. Check out this video and see first-hand what the preparation and delivery of an ultrasound-guided injection looks like on our own Dr. Timothy Gallagher.

Recovery from Ultrasound-guided Injections

Most patients are told to rest the affected joint during the first 24 to 48 hours after an injection is administered. While some patients feel immediate relief, the medication may take a few days to start working. At Maragal Medical, your provider will share specific information with you based on your injection site, so you know what to expect during recovery.

Don’t Live with Pain

If you suffer from pain from ailments like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, or gout, there are solutions. Our team offers a number of joint injection options, so we can provide you with the most effective treatment. In some cases, joint injections are just one part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. Contact Maragal Medical today if you want to learn more about if an ultrasound-guided injection could be a solution to your joint pain.

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