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When the healing process works like it should, small cuts, scrapes, and surgical sites heal on their own with little intervention other than cleaning and bandaging. But when wounds don’t close properly, heal slowly, or reopen after healing, it’s serious. In fact, a wound that hasn’t healed by 53% within the first 30 days is unlikely to heal completely within 12 weeks. These chronic, non-healing wounds and ulcers quickly become a cause for concern, especially if there’s an underlying condition such as diabetes or a weak immune system.

For a wound that isn’t healing, a primary care provider typically prescribes antibiotics, followed by possible surgical intervention to remove dead tissue. But sometimes, the wound still won’t heal.

Now, there’s hope for patients and providers with a breakthrough in wound care: AminoWrap2. This wound dressing supports the management of non-healing wounds, helps prevent painful infections, and in very serious instances, amputation.

Are you a Wound Care Provider or Facility?

Providers and wound care facilities struggling to treat patients with non-healing wounds turn to AminoWrap2 for its:

  • Ability to conform to the application site
  • Ideal environment to support tissue repair, reconstruction, and replacement
  • Natural antimicrobial properties, which slow the growth of bacteria

After 30 days of unsuccessful traditional wound care, AminoWrap2 is covered by Medicare B. Plus, by partnering with Maragal, one of our Wound Care Certified Nurse Practitioners will come to your facility to apply this dressing to your patient on a weekly basis until the wound heals, typically within 10-12 weeks.

Please call us at 978-537-0555 to discuss how we can help you improve patient outcomes.

Introducing AminoWrap 2

This innovative wound dressing leverages the breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and applies them to wound care. Acting as more than a protective covering, it delivers key components already found in the body to accelerate the healing process.

Patients appreciate AminoWrap 2 for its:

Non-invasive therapy

Low risk of complications

Minimal side effects

Reduction in inflammation, swelling, and pain

Ability to heal wounds faster than standard treatments

Reduced scarring

Help Wounds Heal Faster with Maragal Medical

Chronic, non-healing wounds can lead to severe complications. Don’t take chances with non-healing wounds or ulcers when innovative treatments are available. The team at Margal Medical has seen the power of regenerative medicine on wound care firsthand. We’re proud to offer AminoWrap2 at our office and help providers and patients tackle stubborn wounds and accelerate healing. If you’re ready to take a new approach to wound care, consider reaching out to us today to learn more about AminoWrap2. Give us a call at (978) 537-0555 to set up a consultation, or fill out the form below.

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