My Dear Patient,

During this time of crisis, we feel that access to chiropractic care is a necessary option to enhance you comfort, peace of mind and well-being.

We recognize in the midst of these difficult times you have many questions.  One of your questions may be should I keep my scheduled appointment?  Another question is it safe if I need to be seen by the doctor? The decisions to leave your home is a personal one and solely yours to make.  Rest assured we are here to serve, and we are open in the event that you have a need.

We are taking extraordinary measures to protect you and your family from COVID-19 exposure.  Sanitation is continuous throughout the course of the day as well as between each and every patient.  We are practicing social distancing with regard to our schedule.  Staff contact will be minimized.

  • If you are having issues we are not familiar with please let us know in advance and before you leave your home.
  • If possible, we recommend that when you arrive, you remain in your vehicle and call the office at (978) 537-0555 to let us know you are waiting. We will let you know when we are ready for you to enter the office.
  • Please come into the office alone unless assistance is required.
  • If you are actively expressing symptoms please inform the office before you leave your home.
  • Unfortunately, phone calls may be less effective as a way to communicate to the office due to possible volume so please refrain from calling and use alternate methods of communication.

You can email our office at:

Office Manager Lisa Ryan

Case Manager Kelly DiMucci

Dr. Gallagher

Patients can call the office to schedule at (978) 537-0555

Our Office Hours for the present time have been reduced to:

Monday 11:30-6:30
Tuesday 8:00-2:00
Wednesday and Friday 8:00-1:30
Thursday 7:45-6:45
Saturday and Sunday Closed

We thank you for your understanding.

The Team at Maragal Medical