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Neck pain is a potentially disabling problem that can stem from whiplash, herniated discs, muscle strains, or other issues. Regardless of the cause of neck pain, most patients can benefit from chiropractic care. If you’re struggling with neck pain, Maragal Medical offers customized treatment plans designed to relieve your pain and improve your overall health. To schedule an appointment, please contact our office in Leominster, Massachusetts, today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What are the possible causes of neck pain?

Many patients develop neck pain after suffering an injury to some part of their neck. For example, you may have neck pain after a whiplash injury or another type of trauma. Other causes of neck pain include:

  • Problems with the alignment of cervical vertebrae
  • Strains on the muscles in your neck
  • Chronic conditions, such as arthritis
  • Poor posture

It’s also possible to develop neck pain because of a combination of different problems.

How do chiropractors treat neck pain?

The chiropractors at Maragal Medical approach the treatment of neck pain holistically. Rather than attempting to cover up symptoms, they look for the underlying cause of your pain so you can get relief and experience fewer problems in the future.

When you come to Maragal Medical with neck pain, our chiropractors begin by performing a thorough physical exam, review of your medical history, and evaluation of your lifestyle to identify all of the factors that cause your neck pain. After isolating these factors, we develop a customized treatment plan that addresses each one.

What treatments are beneficial for patients with neck pain?

In most cases, our chiropractors design treatment plans that include a combination of different treatment options. Some of the options we may recommend to help with neck pain include:

  • Cervical decompression, which reduces pressure on the vertebrae and other structures in your neck
  • Massage therapy to loosen stiff muscles in your neck and improve circulation
  • Chiropractic adjustments to resolve alignment issues
  • Corrective exercises, which may improve the effectiveness of other therapies

If we determine that your lifestyle played a role in the development of your pain, we may recommend certain lifestyle changes as well.

What are the advantages of chiropractic care for neck pain?

Conventional medicine usually treats neck pain with medication, surgery, and other treatments that pose risks to your health and may cause uncomfortable side effects. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, is minimally invasive and generally safe. In addition, studies have shown that chiropractic care effectively relieves pain for many patients.

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