Assisted Physical Therapy with Hunova Technologies


Hunova is a state-of-the-art technological system that allows for passive mobilization and active exercise while also rendering measurements taken by its sensors. It also allows physiotherapists to treat multiple patients at the same time by automating the rehabilitation process, intensifying the rehabilitation programs, and assessing patient performance in terms of movement, speed, strength, and other derived parameters. This technology will bridge the gap between MDs and Physical Therapists by giving real-time results and promoting greater cooperation and communication when it comes to patient treatment.

What Is Hunova?

Hunova is a robotic aid designed by Movendo in response to a clinical need for objective evaluation and rehabilitation treatment tools that support doctors, physical therapists, and patients throughout the course of treatment and recovery. It is intuitive and easy to use while also being dedicated to rehabilitation in orthopedics, neurology, geriatrics, and return to sport. Through a series of clinical protocols developed specifically with various teams of experts, Hunova gradually accompanies patients on their road to recovery while helping prevent injury.

Enhanced Recuperation Through Hunova Technology

At Maragal Medical, we offer many different services ranging from pain management to regenerative medicine. With the introduction of our new Hunova system, we will now be able to take our practice a step further and provide even better service to our patients. By conducting practices such as joint injections in conjunction with Hunova, we can offer patients not only better results but we can make the process quicker and more efficient. Not only will you benefit from our prior services, but if using Hunova is right for you, you can benefit from increased physical therapy that can be monitored and adjusted as needed. Hunova will allow Maragal professionals to view insights on what needs to be further corrected and it will also allow us to create tailored programs for our clients.

Advanced Technology

Over the last decade, the Italian Institute of Technology has intensified its research into biomechanics. This direction has led to a more thorough understanding of the essentials in human physiology and has opened the door to new technologies that are applicable to human rehabilitation. Movendo has included new technologies in the Hunova that allow for a truly reactive experience. Some of the integrated technologies include:

Sensorized Robotic Seating – The seat induces unidirectional as well as multidirectional movements that clinics can adjust the trajectory, speed, and amplitude of. It allows for different types of therapy, including passive mobilization, active rehabilitation, and assistive which allows the machine to intervene and help complete the exercise.

Sensorized Robotic Platform – The robotic platform makes it possible to perform exercises in monopodial or bipedalism mode. In monopodial mode exercises can also be performed with partial load on the limb.

Wireless Position Sensor – Once placed on the patient, it can monitor the patient’s movements, measuring accelerations and rotations in real-time.

Remote Tablet – The tablet allows operators to control one or more Hunova units remotely and receive information in real-time on the patient’s performance of the exercise. It also allows operators to prepare the patient’s rehabilitation sessions in advance.

Joint Stabilization – Hunova also features additional pieces that allow for ankle and knee stabilization. The sandal fastens to the monopodial platform to mobilize the ankle while the knee stabilizer works in conjunction to prevent compensation in the knee while performing rehabilitation exercises.

We’re Dedicated to Your Complete and Full Recovery – See What Hunova Can Do for You Today!

The team of professionals at Maragal Medical understand that leading patient back to optimal health and wellness requires a comprehensive approach. Combining our regenerative medicine procedures along with guided physical therapy – we encourage the body to utilize its own built-in healing ability to quickly recover from injuries and chronic conditions.

Hunova, along with our medical care, offers an amazing opportunity for patients to return back to their normal life while avoiding invasive surgeries and financial hardships. Are you interested in learning more about how Hunova can change your life? Contact us today, the consultation is free and we’re here to help.

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