Back pain. Neck pain. Hand pain. We see it all — and we see it every day. It’s important to remember, the symptom is the last thing to occur. There are so many ways you can be more preventative in your health and implementing change now means you don’t have to needlessly suffer down the road. At Maragal Medical, we have some tips for taking a preventative approach to your health and making 2022 the year you get healthier —  and happier! —  for good.

A Preventive Approach 

Traditional medicine is too often reactive. It waits until there is a problem and treats the problems. At Maragal Medical, we believe in taking a more holistic and preventative approach to medical care, focusing on complete health. While we do help patients who are in pain, we work to identify the source of the pain, not just treat the symptom. But we also work with many patients to put them on a course of wellness before pain occurs. There are many things you could be doing now to keep your health on track before you find yourself in chronic pain. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Maintain a healthy weight: It’s well known that being obese or overweight can increase low back pain, joint pain, spinal disc problems, muscle strain, and other conditions. In fact, when your weight slips into an unhealthy range over time, the risk of degenerative disc disease increases by 30 to 79 percent. If you haven’t been focusing on healthy eating habits, that’s a great place to start. At Maragal Medical, we offer proven medical weight loss plans that can help you lose weight safely and learn to live healthy for the long term.
  • Keep your balance: To help prevent falls that can lead to injuries, it’s important to get a baseline of your balance and core stability. We offer Hunova, a cutting-edge technology that has the ability to predict if you are at risk for an injury. Our team can help you use Hunova to pinpoint areas you may need to strengthen to keep injury away.
  • Stay in alignment: Being in alignment helps your body heal itself in many ways, and that’s where regular chiropractic care comes into play. From improving your posture to enhancing your immune system through relieving pressure on nerves, chiropractic care is key to a wellness program. And as an added bonus, chiropractic adjustments can improve the nervous system, which repairs chemical imbalances and helps improve your mood!

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Make 2022 the year you take a preventive approach to your health. Don’t wait for the pain to appear, work on healthy eating habits, improve your balance and core stability, and introduce chiropractic care into your routine to uncover a healthier you in 2022. Want more tips? Check out our video on Preventative Healthcare – Health Tips For A Happier, Healthier You in 2022 and learn more about our unique approach to holistic and preventative medicine.

Ready to get started? There’s no time like the present. Call the team at Maragal Medical at 978-537-0555 or schedule a consultation. We’re ready to put you on a path to health!