Participation in youth sports is on the rise. From football to basketball to soccer, nearly 30 million children and adolescents participate in youth sports. While the extra activity is good for overall wellness, the increase in play has caused a lot of sports-related injuries. In fact an estimated 3.5 million sports injuries occur each year in children and teens. At Maragal Medical, we take sports injuries seriously and help your young athletes recover faster and lower the chances of the injury turning into a chronic condition.

A Holistic Approach 

At Maragal Medical, we get sports — in fact, many of our doctors, therapists, and support staff played competitively at many different levels, and suffered the occasional sports injury. We also are the medical team that has helped numerous professional athletes like Boston sports legends Cedric Maxwell and Dan Duquette use innovative techniques to recover from injuries, reduce pain and improve their quality of life.  And we can do the same for you or the athlete in your life.

Our success lies in our ability to combine and leverage multiple disciplines to treat your individual needs. Our techniques include medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, physiotherapy and more. We treat the complete athlete with a comprehensive rehabilitation strategy that can include bracing to allow the injured area to completely heal, helping to ensure that acute injury doesn’t turn into a chronic one.

The Hunova Difference 

Another aspect that sets our rehabilitation efforts apart is the use of Hunova technology. Designed specially to help with rehabilitation, Hunova is a robot-assisted program that supports our doctors and therapists in delivering truly consumed recovery programs that help patients get strength and function back safely and effectively. The Hunova can also be combined with our other treatment options, such as regenerative medicine, to ensure a complete and full recovery. Maragel Medical is one of only a handful of offices in the country with access to this innovative technology.  

You know the saying prevention is the best medicine? Well, the Hunova can even help with that. This cutting-edge technology has the ability to predict if you are at risk for an injury. Even athletes who think they are ready for their sports season can benefit from the Hunova pinpointing areas they may need to strengthen to keep injury away.

Other tips to preventing sports injuries include: 

  • Wearing the appropriate protective gear and equipment 
  • Warming up before the sport 
  • Resting when needed – never play through the pain 
  • Learning the correct techniques for your sport to protect bones, muscles and joints

See a Sports Injury Expert 

If you or your young athlete suffered a minor sprain or tear that didn’t improve significantly after a week or two of rest, you can schedule a consultation. Our expert team will assess the nature of the injury and create a customized treatment plan.