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Whether it’s to reduce pain from an injury, improve mobility and flexibility, or enhance their health and wellness, we love hearing how our custom treatment options help real people right here in New England live their lives to the fullest. But don’t take our word for it, hear from real patients about their experience working with Maragal Medical, the area’s regenerative medicine injection specialists.

Cedric Maxwell Shares His Journey Back To A Pain-Free Athletic Life

Cedric Maxwell, the legendary Boston Celtics forward, was dealing with knee pain and arthritis. He turned to Maragal Medical to help educate himself on eliminating pain without surgery or prescriptions. With a custom treatment plan that included regenerative medicine injections, Cedric returned to a more active lifestyle with less pain.

Dan Duquette Gets Back On The Ski Slopes

Dan Duquette, known as the architect of the Boston Red Sox, has been an athlete his entire life. As time went on, Dan began suffering from back and hip pain from his years of playing sports and skiing. He turned to Maragal Medical looking for help with non-surgical pain relief so he could get back to the slopes.

Keith Lockhart Orchestrates an Improved Tennis Game

Keith Lockhart, the famed conductor of The Boston Pops Orchestra, was working to improve his tennis game when he started to experience knee pain. He even had trouble going up the stairs after intense games or long hours of practice. After trying regenerative medicine injections in both of his knees, he’s enjoying improved flexibility and can play his favorite game without pain.

Marcy Can’t Believe She’s Almost Pain Free

Being a registered nurse for over 40 years, Marcy knew she didn’t want to use medication or surgery to address her excruciating pain. But it was so bad, she had trouble getting around without a cane. After just three weeks of care from Maragal Medical, she’s walking around almost pain free.

Tracy Hits the Tennis Courts With Improved Flexibility

Tracy is a 49-year-old avid tennis player who was suffering from severe knee pain. After surgery for a torn meniscus, she still experienced discomfort. Turning to Maragal Medical for regenerative medicine injection, she was able to return immediately to work with less pain. With added physical therapy, she has seen improved flexibility, even after only six weeks.

Frank Gets Back to Activities He Once Loved

Frank is a 56-year-old construction worker. This grandfather has suffered from back problems for years, which made it hard for him to do his job or go to the gym. Working with Maragal Medical, he opted to try  regenerative medicine injection instead of surgery. He felt immediate pain relief and is now pain-free – and starting to enjoy activities he had long ago given up.

Patty Keeps Up with Her Grandaughter After Injections

Patty is a retired childcare provider and grandmother. She had knee pain for almost five years, and wanting to avoid surgery decided to try regenerative medicine injection. After getting injections in both knees and using bracing, even her young granddaughter has noticed an improvement in Patty’s ability to move more freely.

Ron Says Goodbye to Shoulder Pain

Ron started having shoulder problems and turned to Dr. Timothy Gallagher for assistance. After learning he had a torn rotator cuff, he decided to try regenerative medicine injection. Within 48 hours he was pain-free and expects to return to all his normal activities.

Terese Enjoys Getting Her Mobility Back

Terese is a massage therapist who was living in so much pain that she needed a cane to get around. After traditional treatments didn’t bring relief, she turned to Maragal Medical to try regenerative medicine injections. She feels she’s 80% improved and can now go up and down the stairs without any problems.

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